Profast Limited stock a large range of metric fasteners in many grades and finishes. Browse our products below.

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Blind Rivet Nut Alu. Dome Head
Blind Rivet Nut CSK Alu.
Blind Rivets A2 Stainless Steel
Blind Rivets Alu. Large Flange
Blind Rivets Alu. Standard
Metric Repair Washers DIN9021 A4
Metric Rod Connectors DIN6334 A2
Metric Rod Connectors DIN6334 Zinc
Metric Hex Set Screw BZP
Metric Hex Bolt BZP
Metric Form A Flat Washers A2 & A4 Din125A (EN7089)
Bolts & Nuts to EN14399-4 HV
CSK Socket Set Screws DIN7991 Gr10.9 Galvanised
CSK Socket Set Screws DIN7991 Gr10.9 Zinc Plated
Metric Hex Set Screws DIN933 A4 (EN4017)
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